Grades 3-5, Beg/Int, Thursdays


Meets 4-5pm, starting Thursday, May 28 for 4 weeks. Riders should be able to ride paved sidewalks and be ready to test their skills out for the first time on the trails. No prior trail-riding experience necessary, but be sure they have a bike suitable for trail riding. Send riders with riding gloves, water and a spare tube.

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Through a series of skills drills, free riding and games, riders learn bike handling skills and safe riding techniques as they explore the local woods of Manchester-by-the Sea. Meeting place is at the Gordon College Woods trail head opposite the Manchester Transfer Station where Pine Street becomes Chebacco Road. For exact location, in your maps app, enter “Manchester Transfer Station, 201 Pine St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944”.

Please send your riders with water, a spare tube kit, a helmet, mask and riding gloves.


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