If you have questions about the suitability of the bike you plan to use for the season, contact Val Hopkins vlhopkins17@gmail.com BEFORE registering.  

Mountain biking is a sport, like many others, that requires a certain minimum level of equipment to maintain a safe environment for our youth.  Big box store bikes, aka Wal-Mart and Target in general, are not acceptable for the riding that we participate in.   Most big box stores’ Mountain Bikes’ have a sticker on them that states “Not for off-road use.” The front suspension or “fork” is inadequate, and the rear” shock” doesn’t provide any functionality to the ride and safety.  I highly recommend bikes from your neighborhood bike shop – a specialty product that needs to be sized, assembled correctly, and professionally serviced.

At a minimum, bikes must have functional front and rear brakes, bar end plugs, stem cap, and tires no narrower than 1.75″.